Mag250 and above

  1. Make sure you have internet connection, either with LAN (cable) or WIFI (wireless). For this, go to Settings > Network > WIFI or LAN > Auto IP with DHCP
  2. Go to Settings > System Settings
  3. Go to Servers > Portals
  4. Portal Name: rnsa
  5. Portal Address :
  6. Save all and restart the MAG


Smart IPTV is the most used application to watch IPTV channels on a Smart TV and works with most brands. It has updates and a user-friendly interface. All you need is a Smart TV and internet connection.
After installing the app, open the app and you will see this screen containing your TV Mac address

  1. Go to the SIPTV portal and on your computer, Go to with a web browser
  2. Enter your TV mac address in the MAC field
  3. Go to M3u Connection
  4. Enter m3u link we will send you (ie : in the URL section and select the "save online" checkbox
  5. Return to smart IPTV on your TV and reload the list (usually by pressing 0 on the remote control)


  1. Click on Xtream Codes API
  2. Click on the + (add) button
  3. TV : type RNSA
  4. Portal Address :
  5. Check your email we sent you for username and password
  6. Save all and restart the MAG
You can check a youtube video here too !

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